Picture Book Yoga Lesson

Hi Teachers Friends,

I just want to give a big shout out to all my fellow Texas teachers out there who are going through the state testing this week!  I was wanting to  create a 5-10 min mini lesson to  get your kiddos blood moving, but at the same time have them remain quiet.  This is also great for the younger kiddos who are not testing because I know they have to be quiet also (and as a former kinder teacher I know that can be quite challenging!).

The lesson type is what I like to call “Picture Book Yoga”.   When I went on extended maternity leave I was going a bit stir crazy staying at home so I decided to go and  get my children’s yoga certification.  I love picture books and I love yoga so I decided to combine them!

How I create the lesson is, I choose a picture book and then I create a flow that goes along with it.  This really helps with the children’s comprehension and retelling ability of what happened in the story.  Also it gets those little bodies moving, because lets face it the little ones are born to move and wiggle .  I have taught several of these lessons in my daughter’s prek-3 class and all 16 kids were loving it and participated through out the whole story!

Before I start reading the story you should have the kids sit on the carpet.  Then I tell the kids that today we will be doing some yoga.  You can have a little discussion to ask if anyone knows what that is…one of the girls in my daughter’s class was telling me that she saw “Yoga” on Star Wars…hahaha.

Next, I tell them that when we are reading the story the first time we will be reading it slowly so we can do the poses to match the animals.  It is also really fun to add a little animation to your poses, like adding the animal noise or a little wiggle or rocking motion like a real animal would do (For the little ones, one time might be plenty, but for the older ones see if they can recall the order of the flow to help with retelling and sequencing, and practice the flow again at a quicker pace).

The story I am featuring is called Moo, Baa, LA LA LA! by Sandra Boynton.  If you do not have this book check out Teacher’s Boutique and see if someone has posted it for sale.  Usually you can get AMAZING deals on everything!  Below I will list the flow for you that corresponds with the animals that appear in the book.  Due to this being a blog I can not draw pictures of the poses, but if you google the pose name an image of how to do it will show up immediately.

Moo, Baa, LA LA LA!

  • Cow– cow pose (mooooo)
  • Sheep– Childs pose (like a sheep lying in the grass…baaa)
  • Pigs– Happy Baby Pose (piggies rolling in the mud on their    back..oink, oink)
  • Rhino– Triangle pose (Your arm reaching up like a rhino tusk)
  • Dog– Downward Facing Dog ( Give your tail a little wiggle…arf)
  • Cat– Cat pose (Round your back and Meow)
  • Duck– Squat pose (wiggle those elbows and quack)
  • Horse- 3- Legged Dog pose (Kick your foot back and Neigh)
  • You– Mountain Pose (Stand tall hands to heart and listen)

At the end of the story the children are in a quiet mountain pose and listening so you can decide if you want to do the flow again, or if you need them to go back to testing, or transition to another activity.

Picture Book Yoga is such a wonderful way to combine reading and movement…two of my most favorite things!  I hope you enjoy this activity and please feel free to leave me any feedback below!


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