Science Plant Life-Cycle Lesson Plan

Hi Teacher friends: )

Thanks for taking a peek at our new lesson plan for this week.  This week uses the story 5 Tough and Tiny Seeds. This story is great for teaching the lifecycle of a seed.  I am targeting this lesson for k-2nd grade.

Objective:  Students will be able to identify the stages of a plant life cycle.

Anticipatory Set: Read the story Five Tough and Tiny Seeds.  I like to integrate yoga poses into my stories to engage student participation. (if you google each pose an image of what it looks like pops up)

  • seed- Child’s pose
  • dog- Downward Dog
  • seed- Child’s pose
  • snake- Cobra pose
  • seed- Child’s pose
  • bee- Butterfly pose
  • seed- Child’s Pose
  • frog- Squat pose
  • seed- Child’s pose
  • hawk- Eagle’s pose
  • seed- child’s pose
  • flower blooming- slowly go into volcano pose (legs are the strong roots and arms stretching are the leaves)

This flow can be done after reading the story or while reading the story.

Teaching Instruction: Tell the students they will be planting a seed to see how it grows.  Show them a few different types of seeds…like a sunflower seed, an orange seed, a lemon seed, etc… have different groups of kids plant different seeds and talk about what they need to grow/germinate.

Monitoring:  Watch kids planting the seeds to make sure they are doing it correctly.  Talk to them about why you should not plant it to deep in the soil….what should we add to it to help it grow…where should we keep them in the classroom and why….etc.

Closure: Review with the kids the plant life cycle.  (This is where the yoga flow comes in handy)

  • What did they start off as?  (seeds)
  • How did the seeds end up next to the different animals? ( the wind blew them)
  • Where did they land? (in the ground ready to Germinate)
  • What parts of the plant grew? (roots and leaves)

I hope you enjoy this lesson.  It’s a great way to celebrate Earth Day and get the kids moving their bodies.  At the end of the year those little bodies have the wiggles so hopefully this story lets them move with a purpose!

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