Is it Safe?

Hi Everyone and thank you for taking time out to read this post.  May has been a very busy month for us, between birthdays, end of school, teacher appreciation week, and anniversaries the month just flew by.  Today I wanted to address the issue of safety concerning the app.  I know that when new things come to the market one can be very hesitant to enter in your personal credit card information.  Especially since we live in an era where cyber fraud and hacking are very real!

Teacher’s Boutique goes through PayPal.  So if you have ever used PayPal it is the same here on Teacher’s Boutique.  However you DON NOT need a PayPal account to BUY something.  You do need an account to SELL something because the money you earn from your sales will go through PayPal and be deposited into there and then you can transfer it into your own personal account.

If you want to BUY something you can use a regular credit card and it goes through BrainTree.  BrainTree is a branch of PayPal and it has the same rigorous privacy policy that PayPal does where the security of your information is of the upmost importance.  This is why here at Teacher’s Boutique we chose to go through PayPal so that customers could feel secure with entering their personal information, since PayPal is such a trusted name and has been around for a long time.

I hope this answers some of the looming questions or frees up any anxieties about how things work around here, and if this was the only thing holding you back from posting those items for sale or buying a treasure for your classroom I hope you are now able to post and buy without hesitation!

I hope everyone has a wonderful last few weeks of school.

Until next time,

Teacher’s Boutique Team


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