What to Wear?

Hi Teacher Friends,

Thanks for tuning in to read my blog today.  I was wanting to talk about teacher clothes!  Everyone who is a teacher totally knows that you have your casual clothes and then you have your teacher clothes.  I feel like teacher clothes are an odd breed because it is not quite formal business attire, yet not to casual.  It’s in that limbo/gray area.

When I was teaching I hated buying things at full price because I taught kindergarten for several years, and I did not really want new clothes being used as a tissue or hand towel.  Therefore I would always head to the outlet malls and hit up the Banana Republic Outlet during tax free weekend or for their Labor Day sale, or maybe see what cute things Target or Old Navy had that would work for teacher clothes.

Also I do not think that teacher clothes have to be frumpy by any means.  In fact I think quite the opposite.  They have a bunch of super cute options available for teachers right now.  The problem is buying them at full price.  So I was thinking that here at Teacher’s Boutique we could maybe share where we found some good sales on some teacher clothes, or maybe some ideas of cute outfits you can put together, or if you are leaving the field, maybe post some of your cute and good used condition clothes for sale on our app!  This can include shoes and accessories as well.  Just remember that they have to be school appropriate clothes in excellent,very good, or good condition.  We want to help each other look professional, not frumpy!  So look through your closets and see what you maybe would like to sell today, or feel free to post some sales that you found somewhere else.

Happy Summer!


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