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Hello Teachers,

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer of sleeping in, going to the bathroom when ever you want, and going to sleep without having to lesson plan or grade papers weighing on your mind.  As the school year approaches I know the to do list seems insurmountable, but I wanted to let each of you know that you totally got this!  Most all stores have been putting their school supplies on sale.  I know Lakeshore is having their special right now if you spend $20 they give you a free planning book.  That was always my favorite “gift” with purchase.  I think that really helped me stay organized during the school year.

Also Target dollar spot has the cutest things for teachers this school year.  I picked up a couple of things that I thought would be fun for the kids…one being the roll of chalkboard paper ($3) that the kids can write on in chalk (because everyone knows that chalk is way cooler than pencils or crayon)!  I also picked up the white roll of paper as well.  They also have a bunch of those mini dry erase boards for sale that come with a pen for $1!  Some of them have ABC practice and others are blank.  I feel like just the marker would be worth a $1.  Also they have the Elmer Glue bottle for sale at .50 cents a bottle.

Walmart is also having some good deals.  They have Crayola crayons for .50 cents, and colored pencils and markers for .97 cents.  Those marbled composition notebooks are .50 cents a piece, and 1 subject spiral notebooks are a quarter!  For those in the older grades, they have 150 count notebook loose leaf paper for .82 cents!  Cra-Z-Art pencils in a 20 pack are .97 cents, and those Paper Mate Mechanical pencils that look like real pencils are on sale for a $1.97 (those were always my favorite!)

Office Depot is having their sale as well.  They are selling a three pack of Clorox wipes for $5 ( because let’s face it….the germs are real!)  They also have their 3 pack of Puffs tissues for sale for $4.00.  They have the X-Acto School Pro pencil sharpener on sale for $24.95!  This was the one that I had in my classroom and I thought it worked pretty well and didn’t take forever to sharpen a pencil.  A pack of 2 Westcott 5″ kids scissors is on sale for $3.00!  I know printer paper is coveted in the elementary schools, and Office Depot is having a big sale on a case of printer paper…for $29.99.  It is a case of 10 reams and each ream has 500 pieces of paper in it in Bright White.  This is a savings of $30…Woo-hoo!!!

Also do not forget to check out Teacher’s Boutique for great prices on activity books in writing and math,  professional development books for primary grades, centers from Lakeshore, Melissa and Doug, Scholastic, etc!  Books for the beginning of school are sometimes hard to find in a school library and always disappear from half priced books around this time of year.  Send a comment to me and let me know what books you are looking for so maybe some parents or retired teachers can look through their library and sell them to you for way below retail price!

As always I want to wish everyone a happy and safe 2018-2019 school year!




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