Happy Fall

Hi Teacher Friends,

To all my Texas teacher friends, I hope everyone is just excited about the cold front that came through as we are!  This time of year there are always so many fun things to add to your centers or classrooms for the holidays.  I have seen a couple of really fun posts that teachers have been putting in the sensory center.  One was all about skeletons.  They had different bone shapes in the sensory bin mixed in with black shredded paper.  They had the kids use tweezers to fish out the bones and match them on their skeleton to help them build little skeleton person.  How Spook-tacular for Halloween!

For an outside center, I have seen the kids gather large branches and put them straight up in a thick Styrofoam sheet and the children got to paint them fall colors.   Following the fall theme, in the classroom the students would draw a tree trunk or cut one out of brown construction paper and then they would take tweezers, and dip cotton balls in fall paint colors and dab them on their tree as fall leaves.  This makes a really fun fall portrait!

If Pumpkins are more your thing, I saw a fun activity in the science center where students took different (smaller) sized pumpkins and apples and put them in a bowl of water to see if they would sink or float.  Another activity with the pumpkins was when teachers put plastic golf  tees and a kids hammer and safety goggles in the science center.  The kids would spend hours driving the tees into the pumpkin (great for hand/eye coordination!).

All in all the fall is always such a fun season to discuss and celebrate in your classroom!  If you have some fun fall activities that you do in your classroom, please feel free to share them below!  If you are in need of some Halloween, Fall, or Thanksgiving books please check out Teacher’s Boutique for some great deals on books, teacher resources, decor and more!

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