Elementary Winter Activities

Hi Teacher Friends,

Happy New Year!  I hope all of you had a wonderful, much deserved, break and have come back with a renewed spirit that will last till Spring Break…hahaha.  My daughters preschool has started doing winter themed lessons, and as a former kindergarten teacher, I can not help but give them some ideas on activities that I think look like “snow” much fun!  I thought I would take it a step further and share those ideas with you guys.  You can also check out my Pinterest board to get more ideas.

My daughter’s class is studying polar bears and penguins this week.  I think some great books for this lesson are “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you see”. by Eric Carle, and my daughter’s personal favorite “Little Polar Bear” finger puppet book.

One of my favorite polar bear activities has the simplest materials possible, black construction paper, chalk, and black markers.  What you do is allow children to use the white chalk and color a large dome shape that goes up to half of the page.  Then they draw ears at the top.  Students can cut out a nose shape and then use markers to draw the eyes and the mouth.  The variation of each of these polar bears is ADORABLE!!!  Check out the idea on our Pinterest page.  I’m not sure who is the original pinner, but they had the most amazing idea!

Another book that is a classic is “Bear Snores On.”  This teaches all about winter animals and how bears hibernate in the winter, one of my daughter’s other favorites.  A cute activity for this that I saw on Pinterest was a color sort activity with counting bears by joyfullyweary .  She took 4 paper bowls and cut out a little rectangle on one of the sides, so when you flip it upside down it looks like a bear cave.  Then on top of the bowl she wrote the colors of the counting bears and the students could sort the bears into their caves…how clever is that!  A really cute workstation activity that is easy to set up and where you have most of the materials already on hand!  Win Win!!!

These are just two out of several fun ideas for all you pre-k and kinder teachers out there.  I hope you found these ideas useful and please check out our Teacher’s Boutique app to see if there are any new teacher resource books or materials you need to pick up to get inspired for the New Year!


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