Our Story

Teacher's Boutique was created by the company Teach Smart. Teach Smart is run by a former educator named Signe Aconcha. Signe Aconcha was a primary teacher for 9 years before she left to go on extended maternity leave. After being in the profession for nearly a decade she had several teaching materials she had collected over the years. Now that she was no longer in the classroom she did not have a need for these materials. Signe, not wanting to throw materials away and not having space to store them all. She was in need of an alternate solution. This is how the idea for Teacher's Boutique came to be.


Our Vision

The vision of Teacher's Boutique is to provide a place for teachers who are leaving the profession due to retirement, career change, maternity leave etc. A place to sell back their teaching materials that they have invested their money in. This is also a place that will allow incoming educators to buy quality materials for their classroom at a fraction of the cost as it would in an education supply retail store.


Our Team

The team behind the Teacher's Boutique app is the company Teach Smart and the company IDL Systems. Teach Smart is run by the former primary school teacher who had the idea to create this app. IDL Systems is the company Teach Smart has teamed up with to execute the vision of Teacher's Boutique.